Voluntary Segregation Is The Only Answer

J. Conway,

My grandparents were against segregation until my parents school was desegregated in the 1960’s and suddenly it became a tribal battleground. Black kids didn’t want to go to school with whites regardless of what white uberliberals tried to claim. I’ve never heard blacks say they wish they had more diversity when it’s all black. I don’t think they feel blessed to have a white kid sitting next to them. It’s not like the white kid is going to do him any good, make him smarter or something. They don’t want to go to school or work with us, and only want to live in the safe orderly neighborhoods we create, not live with whites.

Separate but equal is fair and a win-win. However, both must be responsible for keeping theirs equal, or building, maintaining and improving it on their own. Start out with identical schools, roads, neighborhood facilities and stores.

Let them thrive in an environment without white people, therefore without racism. And white people can thrive in an area where black behaviors don’t create racism.


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