The Race Card Project by Michele Norris is proud to be partnering with the students, faculty and community of Wayne State in Detroit, Michigan.

Diversity isn’t a slogan at Wayne State; it’s a reality that’s woven into the university’s mission. The university’s strategic plan, distinctively Wayne State University, highlights Wayne State’s commitment to an inclusive campus:

“Wayne State University is a premier, public, urban research university located in the heart of Detroit. Founded in 1868…Wayne State today pursues scholarship at the highest levels and serves a diverse body of nearly 28,000 students through a broad array of academic programs and high-caliber faculty and staff. Throughout our history, we have provided students from all backgrounds access to a high-quality education grounded in a rich general education, enabling them to realize their full potential and contribute to society throughout their lives.

Our commitment to accessibility for qualified students of all backgrounds creates exceptional opportunities and enriches our communities… We appreciate the ability of every person to contribute to our diversity of thought. We remain committed to improving the proportionate representation of groups that have historically suffered underrepresentation and seek to close the racial educational achievement gaps… Our longstanding commitment to diversity and our rich, multicultural environment prepare our students for success and eventual leadership in a diverse, global society.”

Here, you can see what others have to say and you can share your own observations, experiences, theories, opinions, triumphs, laments or anthems on race and cultural identity.

Six-words is often just a start.

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We are thrilled about this collaboration and hope this space will serve as a place to stoke and capture dialogue. Come back often. The wall is ever changing. The inbox is always open.