We all have the same opportunities!

Amanda Caraballo,
Cleveland, OH.

I’m so sick of “African American’s” always using the excuse “The white folk are privileged, and we can’t have this or do the because IM BLACK”…. WRONG!
Slavery has been over for at least 149 year’s. I do not own a slave nor do I know one who has. A matter of a fact I am 100% Native American, my family originated from Camp Creek Tennessee. My people’s own land was taken right out from underneath their feet. Native Americans we’re kicked off their own land, starved to death, and some were slaved as well. You don’t see me walking around crying and complaining about it!
Yes! Its terrible what our ansestors went through, but thats HISTORY! If humans didnt make mistakes or didn’t do any wrong how would we grow??? We make mistakes to learn from them then to evolve and grow from them. Thats the way life was back then, taking down statues, making riots, truing to state history facts doesnt solve or do a thing!!! We can’t chamge the past, bust we can change the future- so what are you going to do about it???

The ” WHITE PRIVILEGE” shit is ridiculous!!!! We NOW are all given the same opportunities, and what you do with them is your choice! There’s African americans that make more money than I! There’s so many other things that need our attention (examples) cure for cancer, the hungry, the poor, and so on…… Bottom line is- slavery happened worldwide- now MOVE ON!!!!! Its up to you- there’s always going to be ignorant people but thats apart of life…

“IF WE ALL THOUGHT THE SAME AND FELT THE SAME- THE WORLD WORLD BE A BORING AND DULL PLACE” dont you think? Racism will always be, because ignorance will always be- but its up to you to make the best of it…. Walking around dwelling on what happened to our damn ancestors over 100yrs ago- isnt doing anything besides causing debates, arguments, and a dividing line… Shut up already, use the opportunities you have , and live life to its fullest because I know I am!!!!!


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