We aren’t all “Strong Black Women”

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We aren’t all “Strong Black Women”



Has “strong” become a euphemism for “it doesn’t matter how we treat them because they’ll survive”?
Pamela Upsher@PupsherLive


It seems so. And I often get the idea that they think we’re strong like oxen. Less than human.


“Strong” Yep I think it does mean it doesn’t matter how you treat them.


...that, and makes it easy to call some women a credit to our race if we aren’t loud, abrasive, or bitter


B/c it can be a little like describing a black person as “articulate.” I think it depends on who is making the description.


black women are always expected to endure anything and everything sometimes making it impossible to get help


Just yesterday I thought: I’ve put up so many walls trying 2b “strong”. Time for vulnerability.


“strong” definitely backhanded if used as a character trait or trope…maybe not so much if used to (cont)


..describe someone and her accomplishments individually? (disclaimer- white dude)


I HATE “strong” & “resilient” – they make me sound like a weed, not a flower.



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