We from the same religion place.

Yau Shing Alan Tse,
Irvine, CA

We from the same religion place: Our ancestors all originated in Africa, which means we all came from the same place. We are changing in every corner of the world. It may make us different from each other now, but it doesn’t change what happened in the past. We are created equal
We shouldn’t be classified too clearly: our goal is not to create a hierarchy, but more a reference of what we see and why. Building a harmonious world where everyone respects each other and gets along with each other is the responsibility of each of us, Cultures from all over the world blend into each other, and harmony and friendship between each ethnic group and each race is my ideal world.
Try to pursuit entirely objective science: In the early days, some scholars were still not objective towards science, which is also a wake-up call for our modern society. We should support science and objectivity. Only when we are objective enough can we truly see ourselves and know ourselves. I know that the current science has been relatively objective, I believe that such a state of our society will have great progress, present a very good trend of development
Shouldn’t judge people with their faces: I always hoped there would be such a world. In this world, we are no longer easily put the man whom we come into contact with “classify” into the rules we assume that we will no longer through a person’s clothes, hairstyle, job, car and so on this additional factors to evaluate a person, it will simply because of the person itself inherent value to accept him. Because even if a person has untidy hair and untidy hair, it doesn’t mean anything about the person. Maybe it’s just because he stayed up all night last night or his house was in a fire and he lost everything. When you see someone get fat, it’s probably because they’re stressed out at work, so they use food to comfort themselves and relax. All I want to say is, can we focus more on the inner qualities of a person rather than some external factors?
We are different, we are the same: There are many differences between us, different eyes, different hairstyles, different voices, from different places. But we are the same, the same kind heart, the same eat and sleep, may also like to watch the same movies. I think the difference between us is only in personality, the world does not need so many rules, so many different.
always insist to do the right thing: Some of the things we do wrong now will look ridiculous in the future, so it is better not to do so. We are all the same, do our duty well and treat everyone around us sincerely. This may not prevent me from regretting it for a long time to come, but I believe I will be very happy when I treat people like this and they give me the same response.


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