We must stand together as one

Ryan Dodds,
McCook Lake, SD

I believe in times like these, we must stand together against the evils of this world. I believe that many things can be done to achieve this. White people must understand that their lives are very different from minority lives. They often take everything as an insult. They believe that they are not privileged at all because they work hard, but that is not what it is about. White people do not know what it is like to struggle simply because of the color of their skin. On the other side, I believe that minorities must give white people a chance. White people have wronged minorities many times, but many of us are trying our hardest to understand and get behind the cause. Sometimes, white people in general are labeled as racist and uncompassionate towards struggles that minorities face. Some are, but if you label a broad group with negative connotations based on their race, you cannot expect equality to happen. This will just further widen the gap, lead to further resentment, and escalating racism.


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