Do you wear Burka in Iran?


When people find out I am from Iran, they ask me questions such as do you wear Burka in Iran? Or did you have an arranged marriage? When I explain to them that 60% of university students are women and we do not wear Burka, they give me a puzzled look. Many times I have to explain to them that Iran is not the same country as Iraq, Iranians are not Arabs and They are not responsible for September 11.

I often call myself Persian to avoid conflict or difficult questions.

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  1. Ritzy101 says:

    It may be that some people who ask you this are old enough to remember Khomeini and his type of Islam. Or, more likely for younger people, they confuse Iran with Iraq. Either way, it is a positive thing that you are willing and patient enough to explain. In my experience, when people see you as an individual and not just a member of some nebulous group, it does open their eyes.
    Also, you might be surprised to know that a lot of those people will tell their friends and family members what you said, and those people will look at things a little differently even though they did not meet you personally.

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