Wear a suit? He’s a “pimp”.

264598Chris Thompson,
Rochester, NY.

I have been an engineer for 13 years, and I notice that when I don the regular business casual attire, colleagues not directly in my department think I’m either in food or custodial services. Now I wear a tie daily, and the “compliment” I get is that I look like a pimp. Why can’t I look like an engineer? Or a businessman? I’ll even take lawyer. Why does a tie on me make me look like a sex trafficker, and how is that a compliment?

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One Response to "Wear a suit? He’s a “pimp”."
  1. Ritzy101 says:

    Someone actually said you look like a pimp? Good lord! That’s no compliment and whoever said it didn’t mean it as one. You have the right to be pissed about that.
    I know this would probably get you in trouble, but I would seriously entertain the idea of going in there dressed like Huggy Bear and shouting, “You wanna know what a pimp looks like, Jack? THIS is a pimp!”

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