What’s with this white guilt?

Rockford, IL

White people bashing other white people for being white? I see, mostly on facebook, these extreme left wing people publicly displaying how white people are the reason for racism, only white people can be racist, all PoC are entirely exempt from any and all forms of racism! Yes, let’s blame whitey. You just can’t treat everyone as equal, can you? I think it’s insulting; these people thinking that PoC need them. And, let’s be honest, it’s all about public appearance. “Look how not racist I am!” Oh, what martyrs they are! Because a group of white people preaching about how terrible they all are is really getting sh*t done. Your facebook posts are changing lives! Get over yourself. This isn’t about you. How stupid, that white people think becoming segregated among each other will unite the races. By the way, I am white, and I refuse to apologize for the color of my skin. I would never ask a black man or a brown man or any man to apologize for something outside of their control, and I think upholding everyone to the same standard is the first step in stopping racism. This white bashing whites is just amplifying the issue.


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