Where did you GET her from?

IMG_1376Beth Watson,
Tacoma, WA.

In ‘post-racial’ ( I use this term sarcastically) America, living in the Pacific Northwest, I can’t believe how many times I have been asked outright, “where did you get her from?” in response to seeing me and my bi-racial daughter in public. This question, of course, comes at the end of stares and smug looks. Are you kidding me? First off, who are you to intrude upon my private life with that sort of question in that sort of way? Obviously, people in our country have no boundaries or any sort of knowledge on how bi-racial children come into this world. With all of the knowledge we have at our finger tips, there should not be any reason for such ignorance and intrusively offensive boundary invasion. After being asked this question, 8 million times, my answer was just as equally offensive and will continue to be.


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