Which category do I belong to?

248715_10150655579840524_6563303_nPatrilie Hernandez,
Washington, DC.

When you look at me, what race do you see? Do you see my dark skinned grandparents, whose African relatives escaped from the Dutch slave trade? Do you see my last name, which reflects my “Latina” heritage, or do you see a brunette “white” girl, after hearing the way I speak and act? Racially ambigous is the term they use, but ignores the beautiful mesh of colors and culture that make me….me.

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3 Responses to "Which category do I belong to?"
  1. barry irving says:

    …you look Latina and I’d say that you probably act Latina too or else you wouldn’t recognize that heritage positively. I’m Caribbean / African American. We all ( who were born or raised here ) have American cultural traits and mindsets. The culture that we acknowledge is the culture that we manifest. How we sound manifesting that is irrelevant.

    …Our root culture is “African” / Caribbean. Other than that reality, we live American lives…that’s the culture and birth nationality. What defines us on a deeper level is our ancestral culture.

    • Nina Symone says:

      How can one act Latina

      • barry irving says:

        …simple…it does take serious and complimentary observation…

        …and of course you have to understand that Latina,
        ( an expression of admiration from observers and self realization by the women themselves ) is a “Cultural” expression of pride in self and heritage. To act Latina is simply to embody the positive and definitive traits that make their femininity a desirable one. I am Caribbean as many Hispanics are, so we love our culture and the way we express it.

        …There is Latina / Latino the stereotype…but I’m not talking about that!

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