White or Asian. Must I pick?

Alec Dughi
Castro Valley, CA

I am always asked if I am Asian. And the answer is yes, I am. I think the politically correct term would be Chinese American, but sure, I’m half Asian. But I’m also half white, and the two races are constantly fighting to rule my life. I don’t really fit in with both completely, and to choose sides, to commit to a group would be like picking a side in a nuclear war. It just doesn’t work.

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4 Responses to "White or Asian. Must I pick?"
  1. Jessica says:


  2. General Lee says:

    I bet you are 100% White looking!

  3. B says:

    I feel the same way and I am not half-Asian. Both my parents are Korean and I am an American, and sometimes it feels like I am caught in between two competing cultures but never allowed to belong to either.

  4. walt says:

    in my opinion, there shouldn’t be any sides to choose. just be yourself

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