White Baby Boomer Low Wage Slave.

Skyler Crane
Oceanside, CA

There is a small splash of African in my ancestry, never talked about, though obvious in physical traits of many of my relatives, Why I give my Race Card sentence is that born a baby boomer to low, very low, middle class WASP parents, i was not given or alerted to the financial & social aids of other races in America, not wealthy enough to be “in the know” of scholarships, grants, financial aids, I feel i represent a forgotten group of American youth who turned to the “Counter Culture Revolution” BECAUSE we could see no viable future, no clear, deliberate, “helping hand up” for us. I, as many, many, others of my age, ethnic, and financial means, have humbly, steadfastly, honestly, continued to be solid workers in the community, allowing so many to step up and succeed on our backs, and that we do this without regret at the forefront of our minds, our hearts. Regret, albeit kind regret, with respect and humility, comes now in older age when I hear of the strife of others who actually had a Race Card that was NEVER afforded to me. Thanks for the avenue to speak this truth.


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