White, Black, Brown should not matter.

Jonathan Bennett,
Forest, VA.

The only problem is it does and to too many. America, the America I grew up in, was described as a melting pot where diversity was supposedly celebrated. Now I see that there was always a thin veneer of racism strewn throughout my childhood that still persists today, especially with this last election. Make America Great Again really means Make America White Again and it makes me truly sad how many steps back we have taken since November 2016. I can sign all political petitions that I can and give donations to politicians and groups who cultivate and celebrate diversity and still feel it’s not going to be enough sometimes. White, Black, Brown should not matter, like I said, but it does. And, until it doesn’t, America will be poorer for it. Signed a white, Anglo-Saxon male in search, and hoping, for a better tomorrow.


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