White, Black, Latino, Asian, or Human?

Michael S.,
Elk Grove, CA.

My mom divorced and remarried 3 times with 3 different men with totally different race and had a child from each marriage. Her first marriage was gentlemen from Jamaica, second was a man from Ecuador, and last was from Thai. My mom been immersed and learned every one of her ex husbands’ cultures, but she americanized her children with some understanding of their own ethnicity. She somewhat implied that we are all share the same genetic makeup, with some genetic variation to make us look different. I’m half Ecuadorian, quarter Italian, quarter Irish, My older sister is half black and quarter Italian & Irish, and my younger brother is half Thai, and quarter Italian & Irish. My mother raised us to not call each other half brother and sister, she prefers that we all are full blooded brothers and sister, even tho we all have different fathers. I never really understood why my mom wanted us to think that, maybe to protect us from backlash from the social race construct. After researching and learning about anthropology, I came to a conclusion that we all are one race, the human race, we are all related and race is biologically a lie. My siblings, even though we all have fathers who are from completely different population on a different continent, we all share some of the same facial feature, with light skinned complexion. Next time when some one ask what our family ethnicity, I’m answering, we are humans.


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