White bullying in black territory

Elkhart, IN

Black people will target a white person in a black neighborhood or inside institutions where blacks are superior. Beat them call them names, and even take their food. I have witnessed this first hand. Plus what about black people killing their own? It’s a matter of not really wanting success. They want a lottery ticket but don’t want to do the hard work. You can do anything but not everything, that means you cannot be successful and party till 1am. You can’t be a gangsta and a CEO. You can’t afford an Escalade and a house payment. Let’s get real America. Not just about racism either but about our denials of universal truths that we despise because it is hard. Yeah it is not easy but when we accept the truth, then work towards real success we can see real progress instead of underhanded manipulation just to gain status or a specific desire. REAL CHANGE/ HARD FACTS!

I have a three black cousins, and my uncle who is my mother’s brother is black. I lived on government housing and was chased by black people at times. White racism is real too!


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