White child calls black man Dad

Fort Lauderdale, FL

My now three and a half year old brother named Kendall was born to two crack addicted parents. My grandmother now has full custody of him and is his Mother figure. My grandma goes a few times a week to the Walmart across the street to do her grocery shopping. Benny is a young black man with long dread locks and gold teeth. Works in the produce area and always lends a smile and a good word to everyone he walks by. My grandmother met Benny and could not tell him (or his supervisors) enough how kind he is. Over some time my grandmother and Kendall got to know Benny. She told him about my brothers parents, or the lack there of. Benny told my grandmother that my brother could call him Daddy. Ever since my brother could talk he has still been calling Benny his Daddy, telling him he loves him, bringing him gifts, and even wears a wig (That my grandma made for my brother) to match Bennys dreadlocks. Benny even keeps a picture of Kendall proudly displayed on the mantel in his living room. A difference in skin pigment could never keep this pair a part. 🙂


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