White doesn’t make me a racist.

Dee Oh,

Why isn’t it racist for other people to say that because I’m white, I’m a racist? I am attacked solely because of my skin color from black people. Only from black people. Why isn’t that racist? I add to a conversation that statistically, more blacks are killed by other blacks than by any other race. Because of that, why am I called a racist? Statistically, more whites are killed by police officers than blacks, but if I point that out, why am I called a racist? I’m really sick and tired of the divisiveness in this country. It doesn’t matter what I do or say, it seems like there will always be people out there who label me, just because of my skin color. That is racist!! You don’t like it? Neither do I. So stop doing it to people who look different than you. How about we stop looking at the outside and look at the inside? Are you kind? Are you generous? Are you thoughtful? Are you loving? Be my friend. Are you hateful? Are you antagonistic? Are you divisive? Are you exclusionary? We can’t be friends.


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