White folks get to be stupid.

423a-8x10Worokya Duncan, Ed.D.,
Saint Albans, NY.

It grates on my nerves that white folks get to be stupid, and it turns into the fault of that one person or one family. One Black person’s idiocy turns into the fault/problem of all Blacks in America. How does the country STILL rationalize criminalizing people/bodies/colors that have been marginalized and criminally mistreated for CENTURIES??? How is this still a thing? How do we say it’s ok to have city planners continue to redistrict to benefit Whites? How do we say it makes sense to stop and frisk ONLY people of color because they “look” guilty to scared whites? Why are we ALL not appaled by the fact that there are NO instances of rampant accidental killings of white kids by Black cops, but we have the reverse with no consequence? Whites get to be murderers. Whites get to be stupid. Whites get to ignore what their color has done in this country to other people. I’m sick of it.

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13 Responses to "White folks get to be stupid."
  1. Brian Jr. says:

    Gilbert Collar and Dillon Taylor are two white men killed by black cops in the past couple months. There are many more. If you bothered doing any research before recycling Al Sharptons latest race hustling scam, you would understand that you aren’t any more of a “victim” than anyone else. Whites get to be murderers? Last time I checked, blacks make up 13% of the population and commit half the country’s murders. White people get to be idiots? The average white person has an IQ of 102, the average black person has an IQ of 87. City planners aren’t the reason black neighborhoods are disgusting, black people are. Stop playing the race card and start taking responsibility. We are tired of it.

    • barry irving says:

      …you really search for chances to spread your venom don’t you? Listen to yourself and you hear a person with no sense of History, context or reality. You don’t know any African Americans so your opinions are empty of life. I would say that you are probably an average struggling member of the masses…no one special. But you sure do place yourself high up huh Bubba?

      …”WE” are tired of your filthy mouth and the legacy of whining idiots that you most likely come from!

    • Melody Liu says:

      Uh, I agreed with nearly all of your comment EXCEPT for everything after and including the IQ part. That seems kind of racist. I do, however, agree that white people murdering black people is a big deal, but the other way around…isn’t? I mean, I feel like the media’s scared of being called racist if they make a big deal about a black person killing a white person.

      It also annoys me that the media automatically assumes the justice system leans towards different races even though it’s clearly just a coincidence that one race does more crimes than the other.

  2. barry irving says:

    …”We” don’t create labels for ethnicities…self Identification is a constitutional right of free expression. America is a divided nation because Whites people are reluctant or completely refusing to deal with the fundamental aspects of Institutional Racism. It is that which the system indoctrinates to keep one population ahead and others struggling.

    …Any one who says that America is NOT fundamentally Racist is delusional. 18 of the first Presidents wetre Slavers and 12 while in office.
    George Washington, the richest US President had 800 Slaves. After Slavery ended on paper there was a Century and 4+ decades of violence, Racist Law and intimidation. The Civil rights Movement didn’t end white Racism…There were necessary concessions that were made Politically…the Kennedy’s and Johnson acting only out of Political correctness to avoid embarrassment!

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