White folks get to be stupid.

423a-8x10Worokya Duncan, Ed.D.,
Saint Albans, NY.

It grates on my nerves that white folks get to be stupid, and it turns into the fault of that one person or one family. One Black person’s idiocy turns into the fault/problem of all Blacks in America. How does the country STILL rationalize criminalizing people/bodies/colors that have been marginalized and criminally mistreated for CENTURIES??? How is this still a thing? How do we say it’s ok to have city planners continue to redistrict to benefit Whites? How do we say it makes sense to stop and frisk ONLY people of color because they “look” guilty to scared whites? Why are we ALL not appaled by the fact that there are NO instances of rampant accidental killings of white kids by Black cops, but we have the reverse with no consequence? Whites get to be murderers. Whites get to be stupid. Whites get to ignore what their color has done in this country to other people. I’m sick of it.


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