A “white girl” with a unique heritage

IMG_5747Ashlyn Rachelle Sharp,
Azle, TX.

I hate the term “typical white girl”. Why does a girl whose taste buds enjoy pumpkin spice lattes have to be categorized automatically in some stupid stereotype? I may be “white”, but my heritage is so much more than just a typical white girl. My veins are flowing with the blood of my family going back centuries; Irish, German, Native American(Cherokee), Spanish, black dutch, and english…When did a wonderful heritage such as this become such a rude stereotype of #basicwhitegirl? I have been rooted in my multi-faceted heritage since I was born, and I’m not basic, I’m me.

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One Response to "A “white girl” with a unique heritage"
  1. rensational says:

    When people look at you, they have no idea what your heritage is, and that’s not really even the point. They are going off stereotypes of the white American female, and I will certainly assume that, despite your heritage, you are fairly Americanized. Besides, everyone is the victim of stereotypes.

    You are pretty, though.

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