White guy (at) black church, met wife.

Rose-RandyRandy Nelson,
Gilbert, AZ.

At the end of a failed marriage, I explained my love of gospel music (my first record purchase was Bobby Blues Bland when I was 7 years old) to our marriage counselor. She “made” me go to a black church as part of my recovery. That led me to be open to the possibility to dating a black women. I met Rose on Match.com and we have been gloriously married for 12 years!

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  1. Bruce Tennant says:

    Michele: Read your piece in AARP magazine. My 6 word summary is:
    “Character content: in aggregate Blacks flunk.”
    In Feb ’09 Eric Holder labeled us a “nation of cowards” with respect to race, which drew a letter my newspaper printed, drawing several responses from readers. Would you like to read it?
    Bruce Tennant

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