White husband, still a Nubian Queen

Brooklyn, NY.

My parents raised me to be extremely proud and knowledgeable of my African American and Caribbean heritage. My love for Africa intensified further after spending 2+ years living and volunteering in Tanzania. In the mist of becoming fluent in Swahili and embracing East African culture I fell in love with my future husband, who happens to be White. Now married, we live in Brooklyn, NY in a heavily West Indian area. I have long dreadlocks and when I am walking alone the men cat call “Nubian Queen”. However, when I walk the Brooklyn streets with my White husband these same men negatively stare or accuse me of being with my “slave master”. One in particular attributed my choice of husband to me being uninformed about the African American struggle or/and wanting to be White. That man was wrong of course. I am 100% proud to be a strong Black woman and my Swahili speaking husband agrees 😉


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