WHITE: Not Allowed 2 Be Proud

2013-08-24-19.44.49Jason McLevis,
Duluth, MN.

Growing up in a multi racial neighborhood I am well cultured. It was not until Junior High that I became aware I was supposed to be ashamed to be “White”. I am not allowed to be proud of any of my heritage. I must stand aside in shame while any other nationality is happy to stand up, organize get together and throw parades and what not. Meanwhile if I were to even hint at the fact I am proud that I am white I am immediately labeled a racist and barraged with hateful speech and violence. We are demonized by every other race as racist hatemongers simply by the color of our skin (racism at its worst if you ask me). We are the true minority in the grand “racism” scheme. Yet if another race were to murder me today while screaming “kill whitey”, “die white devil” or another derogatory statement pointing out my race is not considered a hate crime. I want so much to have the same rights and access to pride as all the other races, but because what some white people did long before I was born, I need to be ashamed, careful, and politically correct in how I show who I am. Sad sad world I live in and wish I could be proud to be me like every other beautiful American.


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