White Parents Raise Beautifully Diverse Children

FamilyLouise Bannon,
Holly Springs, NC.

Raising, playing, growing and living as a diverse family is an extraordinary experience. It brings both good days and tough days – obstacles and disappointments, laughter and lightheartedness. The journey is full of stares – stares full of curiosity, stares full of love and stares of hatefulness from the people we encounter from time to time in our lives. While both my husband and I want to believe that society has risen above racism – we have a biracial president after all – it still exists and we talk our kids through it and about it all of the time, especially our teenager, who is now driving and looks like an adult – especially to a police officer. I wouldn’t change anything about our experience! We learn something new every day and we share our openness, love and acceptance with everyone we know/meet. Life is precious!


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