White people do not own racism

Matt Rose
Sterling Heights, MI

For five years I was a SHARP (Skinhead Against Racial Prejudice.) In those five years, every preconceived notion I had about racism, anti-racism and idealism got turned on its head. I was hated by racist Whites for being a “race traitor”, and hated by everyone else for looking like what they thought a racist looked like. I could talk up and down about how I believed racism to be wrong, how I wanted nothing for mankind but equality, peace and justice. Instead I got called a Nazi or worse. Women clutched their purses when I walked by. The only thing I took away from those five years was that you can’t change other people’s minds; They will believe what they believe and nothing you say or do will change that.

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One Response to "White people do not own racism"
  1. well said matt.so many people are judgmental about people they don’t even know.for instance i love rock and metal but have no tattoos,don’t wear all black etc.i have had some people at concerts say to my face that i don’t look like they type of person that likes rock and metal because i was dressed different then most of the crowd at the concerts..i use to hang out with this one girl she went to a few concerts with me.she made snide rude comments about people with tattoos and piercings.she even pointed at a few people and loudly called them freaks and weirdos.i’m no longer friends with her.i’m 42 years old and i have had a few family members tell me if i get a tattoo they will disown me.

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