White pride: Terrible, Black pride; progressive

Houston, TX


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5 Responses to "White pride: Terrible, Black pride; progressive"
  1. aminah says:

    I can understand this because I feel like a lot of african americans give caucasians a hard time because of the history but its time to move on and for us to all be equal.

    • Thor Bonham says:

      Problem is were not equal .. They are evolutionarily behind us.. Some day you will wake up ..

      • c684570 says:

        Technically, every organism is just as evolved…but to be specific, there is a a major IQ gap between the races, with Blacks scoring 85 and Whites and Asians at 100 and 105, respectively. Race affects everything from intelligence to penis size, from medical and lifespan outcomes to hair form. To suggest “race does not exist” is a scientifically bankrupt statement.

  2. drattastic says:

    Correction: White Pride= Racist ! Any other color Pride= Acceptable , encouraged, good.

  3. slash345 says:

    Well said.

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