White Privilege Asian Wife Still get it…

Queens, NY.

I live in NYC. A melting pot no? I am one of the few people where I work who is white American. I have a lot of experience but there are people there that have more experience than me and are better then me. I make at a minimum $15 more per hour then they do… I was immediately placed in a management position. I asked about this about 2 months into the job and was told “You know the clients are more comfortable talking to a guy like you. You are very articulate when you speak and the other guys…” Everyone I work with is very smart and articulate. I’m just the token white guy. So I get paid more, don’t have to work weekends and have more vacation time than people that have been working for years. My wife is Chinese, very very attractive (I often wonder what she is doing with a guy like me) and younger than me (7 years). When we are in Chinatown we get the most glaring stares of disapproval. We where even denied service at a restaurant. I had one white guy come up to us and ask me what website I got her from because he tried two and a few thousand dollars and all he got was one busted chink. My family only gets her Hello Kitty crap for Christmas. I could go on and on. But you know… Racism is alive and well all over the world. I am fully aware of my privilege and always have been aware. I use it to my full advantage when ever possible. From talking to the police a few times to making more money and a lot in between. Until humans melt into one “race” racism will always continue. Trying to stop/end racism is like beating a dead horse.


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