White Privilege makes me very bitter

racecardJessica McMurtry,
Collins, GA.

I am white, yes, but it makes me very bitter when other white people refuse to see how being another “race” could affect their life. Empathy is not the same as not being prideful of your heritage. My ancestors were Irish, Scottish, and Native American- and I am supremely proud of that… but I am quite aware my blue eyes and pale skin can be advantageous in certain situations and places, especially here in the Deep South. The racism makes me cringe. Sitting in history class at GSU, listening to the Professor talk about slavery with such a flippant attitude made me want to dig a hole and hide under my seat. What slaves endured makes my blood boil.

I would like to see “race” eradicated one day. My daughter is my hope, my anchor. Her innocence and complete lack of ‘seeing’ color makes my heart swell. Racism is taught- end of story.


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