White skin but not “white” mentality

D’Anna Naranjo, Dickinson, Texas, .

recognition and understanding of the difference between one thing and another.
“discrimination between right and wrong”

I am a teacher. I teach nursing school. I was recently accused by more than a handful of black students that a social media post was discriminatory and was also informed that other faculty that are also black continue to show it around while they are not in my presence.
The post had NOTHING to do with race. It was about a former drug dealer rapper on stage during a political arena and comparing the language used to other language in the media. Let’s just say I can’t stand hypocrisy!!!
The problem with society is, sometimes it’s easier to think discriminatory when you have that mindset then to see the discrimination between right and wrong especially if you feel the person making a statement lacks some “right.”

If someone lies, they are a liar.
If someone steals, they are a thief.
If someone deals drugs, they are a drug dealer.

Ridiculing someone only emulating the same behavior displayed in context of a situation is not a reason to ridicule that person at all.

I didn’t do something more wrong than right. I simply was trying to shed some light on blatant hypocrisy in society. The problem occurred when my two of my three posts never posted. It was an immense amount of commentary copy and pasted including lyrics from an inappropriate song during a political rally.
I asked a close friend who is black about why I experienced that reaction from others and she told me because I am white. She said she completely agreed with the post and said it was matter of fact.

We sat down to talk about this and the eldest person involved straight up spewed venom at me like I posted something about them and said very horrid inappropriate things about me personally. I’m thinking how dark can your heart be to concoct that!

I repeatedly said, they were taking that statement out of context. People will believe what they want without listening when that is what is in their spirit.

I am grateful of what happened. I am grateful that I can maintain my composure when someone is personally attacking me. I am grateful that I am surrounded by a diversity of people that are loving … in every sense of the word … and they do not share my light skin color.

The problem with some people, they never lose their race identity. They also retain the judgment of who can say what and in what context. Me, I just say it like it is. Nothing hateful. Nothing ugly. Just straight forward facts, not opinions. And I say it when and where it is appropriate. I don’t have a white mentality. I have a human race mentality. Since when did that become discriminatory? Instead of people being adults and understanding and accepting my word that the post was supposed to be on my personal page with two other posts, I became gossip. Not to mention I had to deal with straight up lies about what I said and didn’t say. Apparently, it is appropriate for students and faculty to show a post with your name and picture around out of context and it was wrong of me to ask them to not show it around. The only reason people take things out of context and gossip is out of hate. So, if it had been a nude picture… guess that is ok or would it be different? Hell, I don’t even know because what I’ve learned is … I apparently don’t have the same rights as others… depending where I’m at and who I’m with. Apparently, this would not be an issue if I was black.

What I did learn through this horrid situation…
If it had been another adult involved, I would have stopped it in its tracks. I would have listened. If I had no proof otherwise, I’d believe them. I also would have encouraged those gossiping to be compassionate if they didn’t know all the facts. What I wouldn’t have done is accuse someone of putting on an act coming to work. I wouldn’t have accused someone of being a closet racist by mentioning the words KKK and Redneck. I wouldnt have used a post that had nothing to do with race to dump my hateful dialect. I informed my family, my kids, and my friends about what happened and they were disgusted and in disbelief that two members in academia would react that way to something that had nothing to do with race.

Yeah this all sucks. Especially going someplace that brings me so much joy being around people that gossip and are hateful as hateful can be without being fired for it.

One thing is for sure after all is said and done… I was never ugly like that. And I can spot a fake person… because no matter how angry we get… you should never lash out at a stranger how this person lashed out at me. But I’m just another white.

And if you ain’t about one race, you running the wrong race then.

Discriminatory? Only in the minds of those that carry that kind of judgement. Be honest with yourself. I’m not the problem. The problem lies in your mind and heart. If I talk about an apple and you think I have a problem with fruit in general you need some help. And if you’re going to get angry with someone, be angry with the ugly in yourself. Yeah, that’s how I stopped having opinions of others. I took a self inventory and realized I was lacking. You’re welcome.



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