White sorority girl? Yes. Spoiled, NEVER!

Cassandra Krummel
Seaford, NY

Being a white girl brought up in New York was difficult. I went to school where many of the students were black and to them, I was a spoiled white girl. Coming to college and joining a sorority never helped the situation. Every time I am confronted by a black person, they tell me I am a spoiled white sorority girl. I have worked since I was 14 and never got anything handed to me. I had to get a job right when I got to college and had to buy my own car. The things I do and achieve, I work hard for. The racism and stereotyping by BOTH races is a major issue in this world and it needs to stop. We are all equal and as I read through the cards, one person stated, “Wear blindfold’s and FEEL one’s character.” This is the best advice I have read regarding this issue.


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