White Supremacy has colonized our minds.

4th_of_julyCB Terry,
Ojai, CA.

Racism and White Supremacy are not socially understood concepts.
If we only submit to these forces mentally, it must mean that it is
a system of thought influence and control, far greater than most
are capable of addressing.

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4 Responses to "White Supremacy has colonized our minds."
  1. Zuni says:

    ALL supremacies are bad and outdated! Stop this loving Africa nonsense already and realize you’re just a regular US Citizen. Stop drinking the “Self Entitled Victim” mentality kool aid already!

    • Jeremiah Troutman says:

      I’m sorry but did the poster ever mention Africa? Self entitled victim where beyond reparations we know we won’t ever get that, but what’s wrong with wanting to reconstruct the mind of an African American plenty still have a inferiority complex I’m sure you know who we can thank for that.

  2. barry irving says:

    …flawed thinking…who’s “WE”???…why only one choice???…to only submit?

    …one choice ( yours ) and then you draw such a broad conclusion about the significance of your fear to us all?…incredible!

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