Whiteness is ace up your sleeve

Poughkeepsie, NY.

As I was getting ready to upload my own statement about race, I noticed a posting that stated “(B)lacks are a one dimensional thinking bunch” who participate in race baiting. I was tempting to reply, “White people are a one dimensional barrel of fools heavily invested in believing that race doesn’t matter and racism no longer exists.” But I know this not to be true (although certainly true in the case of the person who posted that). White folks can be allies and fierce anti-racist workers. However, the difference between an ally and a quasi ally is whether or not a White person uses their Whiteness as the ace up their sleeve when they realize they are about to lose a hand in an important game. Even when tempted and their lives are on the line, do they reach up their sleeves to find that little car waiting for them at the time that it matters most?


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