Whites: reject guilt and self-hatred.

Joseph Miller,

In the Twitter thread that brought me here, NatGeo published two pictures of white people. Both of the six-word captions for these people included the word “ashamed.” All of the non-white people had captions that were variations on victimhood jeremiads. I reject both of these mentalities. The victimhood mentality so enshrined by minorities is shameful. White Europeans were enslaved, conquered, and oppressed at various points in our history, but we don’t whine and cry about it, because that is beneath our dignity. This ubiquitous self-hating masochism we also reject. If you hate being white, I hereby release you from the team. I am a white man. I am proud of the European peoples, whose advances in technology, the arts, literature, politics, and warfare are unrivaled in the history of the world. I am not ashamed of my people’s perceived historical misdeeds: all of human history has consisted of the intertribal struggle for land, power, and resources, and the European peoples dominated this game. This is something we should be proud of, not ashamed of. Guilt, self-hatred, and pathological altruism have been weaponized against white people, who are now well on their way to becoming minorities in their homelands. (Paradoxically, this mathematical fact is both decried as a nefarious conspiracy theory AND openly celebrated as a sign of “progress.” )

At the same time, rhetoric against white people has become increasingly hostile and resentful, even among high-level figures in the government, media, and academia. Certain groups speak of our “privilege” while receiving preferential treatment in employment, public contracts, and university admissions. They speak of our “fragility” while burning and looting cities at any perceived slight to one of their own. They label us “racist” while taking every opportunity to celebrate and advocate for their own races. It has become fashionable to hate white people and to bludgeon them incessantly with centuries-old historical grievances, while simultaneously celebrating and maximizing the contributions of every other racial group. The media especially love to cultivate and celebrate the collective identity of the sacred BIPOC, but is terrified by any sense of collective white identity or shared group interest. In popular discourse, the only time white people are mentioned as a collective is for negative criticism. Why is this? If everyone else can play as a team, why shouldn’t we? Everyone wants to hate on whitey while simultaneously clamoring to get into white countries and enjoy the prosperity and stability we have created. There is one group in particular (I’ll leave it to you to guess which) that loves to criticize white society while ignoring the embarrassing truth that they have never created a functioning society of their own. This is wearing awfully thin with us. You can find parts of this world that are totally free from the terrors of “white supremacy,” but no one is lining up to get into them.


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