Whites say Hispanic, Hispanics say White

230316_10150578386790507_3881892_nRenee Lewin
Asutin, TX

My mother is Mexican-American from the Rio Grande Valley, my father is white from Orange, NJ. I was raised in a home where English was primarily spoken, but Spanish was still commonly heard. As I was growing up I viewed myself primarily as Mexican. I spent most of my time with my mother’s side of the family in the Valley, and I went to highly diverse schools. As I grew older, my skin grew paler, and my Spanish less fluent. Now, my friends who are Hispanic will say I’m white (especially since I can’t speak Spanish). After going to college at UT Austin, most of my friends who are white will tell me I’m Hispanic. It brings about a tricky situation. In my mind I am both, to other’s I am neither.


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