Who turns knobs on closed doors?

Rachel P.,
Akron, OH.

If you never open your mind, how will you change? As a white person growing up in the Bible Belt, I was taught that any color other than white was inferior. I moved to a school in Dallas, where there were only 10 white students in a school of 800. I made friends with everybody, even though it was my first time as a minority.

After coming out and starting to date, I met a beautiful Bahamian woman that I fell in love with. Adding to the disparity of what we think about race in this country, she is more educated and accomplished than I am, but she’s had to push twice as hard. Although we are no longer together, I’ll be damned if I will only date and love people of my own race and culture. I’m sure my family would disapprove. Open your mind, there’s change to be had!


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