Who we were vs now

Salt-Lake City, UT

I am proud to be black yet I am embarrassed by other black sometimes. I have been fired many times just for standing out as a black man with intelligence that seemingly intimidates other races who assume that I am ignorant and should be inferior to them.

It annoys me that black people aren’t in positions of power within most organizations. This makes the path to success damn near impossible or very, very hard. Reality is most racists are driven by self-preservation that’s a psychological fact with this information you can understand why they like to keep their people employed versus another race.

I should also add that brainwashing has been used for centuries to create a bad image for black men and certain other races as well. The conundrum is this effects the blacks who are looking to move up socioeconomically. It seems as if you can’t win when you are playing on someone else’s field it’s like a soccer game or a football game you are away and another race is home with more fans in their stands.

This is why I am embarrassed when I realize that black people don’t control the labor force in the way that Hispanics Asians and Caucasians have done for decades now if not longer. Until we can become the owners and supervisors of companies black progress will continue to be haunted.

It is not easy taking the crap of another race when you see them talk to their own people with dignity and respect. This means it’s not as simple as letting it go in one ear and out the other when sometimes it crosses into the humanizing characteristics. If blacks really love each other like they pretend to maybe they’ll start to take notice to the fact they aren’t the decision makers.

I’m 28 years old and I am fed up with being pushed around by every other race including my own when it comes to moving forward in life. It feels as if others would rather see me dead than playing the game we call life. This may not make a difference however it felt great to write and hope it can change the lives of future generations to come.

We used to be somebody, we used to be a great group of individuals and honestly Dr. Martin Luther King was unfortunately murdered in vain. Harriet Tubman’s endeavors was unfortunately in vain.

Enough is enough, please get it together because we’re dying out here.


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