Why African-American? Why not just American?

Manuel Lluberas
Jacksonville, FL

Africa is not a country or a culture. It is a continent with almost fifty countries, several hundred tribes and as many languages; and that is only the “black part”. North of the Sahara, Africa is Arab. South of the Calahari is Africaner. Other “identity-labeled groups” use Italian-American, Irish-American, etc., even Cuban-Americans. As long as Black Americans continue to separate themselves as “African-Americans” and not just simply Americans, the sacrifices endured by Dr. M. L. King, Ms. Rosa Parks, Hon. Judge Thurgood Marshal and others like them who risked life and limb for the equality of the Black population in this country will be in vain. Those who continue insisting on the “African-American” label are only re-erecting the fences that the aforementioned Great Americans tried to tear down.


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