Why does my color bother you?

why-are-blacks-treated-differentlyClaudia Davis,
Akron, OH.

I have traveled several places in my lifetime. However, this pass weekend after the Presidential election I experience a shift in the atmosphere. People think and feel they have a license to say and do what they want toward people of color. The disrespect is hitting a different level prior to this pass election. The courtesy towards other’s is no longer. One incident I was getting on the elevator behind a couple and they didn’t try to hold the door as it was shutting in my face, they just looked at me as I got, another incident a man sat in my seat at the airport and a lady was telling him it was my seat, he looked at a shrug his shoulder and the last was I was on the plane and the lady whose seat was next to me approach me with disrespect, “That’s my seat, I’m sitting there”. Why does my skin color bother people I don’t assimilate with? We are human just like everyone. Race is made up to cause division.


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