“Why keep talking about racial issues?” -says only white people

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5 Responses to "“Why keep talking about racial issues?” -says only white people"
  1. kavihasya says:

    So true. I’d like more of your thoughts, though. We white people need to be better at listening.

    • barry irving says:

      …more like better at a shared existence…which will help address personal fears and misconceptions. You have to know people to have a real conversation about them or yourself in relation to them!

  2. olblue9 says:

    Well this is one question that I have never heard from a white person. Maybe you should find a few more white people to talk with.

  3. Racism is Ignorant says:

    Because ignorant people, white, yellow, brown, black, purple or idc what your skin pigment is, should learn that racism hurts and conversing about it is a starting point where healing process may occure. Youd don’t like it, please keep your opinion to yourself and move on.

    Is there a place on this planet where whites can feel true racisim by others race? Hey did you apply for the Mars project? I reckon there may not be racism going on there but hell it’s one way ticket.

    Racism is all around us don’t pretend it does not and DON”T TELL US TO SHUT UP ABOUT IT!

  4. Josie A says:

    or i love the “why are you overreacting” when I’m talking about race and how another person who could have easily been my sister, mother or father is shot unarmed and killed.

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