Why Racism With Sikhs In India (home country)..???

Ramanpreet Singh,
San Jose, CA

I am Ramanpreet Singh was living in Punjab, India. From 1947 partition we Sikhs sacrifice for the country to save its pride and nation. More than 75% of sikhs serving in military. We Sikhs are Brave Soldiers and in our religion by Guru Gobind Singh Ji, He Made Khalsa Panth to give us different Identity. We Have a turban (piece of cloth) on our head. It’s our Crown. Anyone in the world can recognize us by our turban, beard, Kirpan (sword, to save people in difficulty and it means in Punjabi language blessing).

In 1984 Indian government genocide us. They Attack on Akal Takhat Sahib (Headquarter of sikh situated in Harminder Sahib Sikh Temple, Golden Temple). They killed by army tanks, guns more than 10,000 sikhs pilgrims visiting Harminder sahib and nobody can found that dead bodies. Punjab Police and Municipal corporation people were loading dead bodies in the truck for 3-5 days. After loading dead bodies at night they were given free liquor from government to keep them relax because seeing thousands of dead bodies they were in shock. We as a part of India. Didn’t get justice, In 1984 sikh riots happen in different part of India more than 150,000 sikhs were burned alive and killed in fake encounters. More than 250,000 sikhs lost their family members. From 1984 till now many of incidence happened in India and many sikhs were killed in fake encounters or many are in prison after completing there sentence.
We Didn’t get freedom and justice in our own country India.


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