I will never be black enough.

PhotoGrid_1404370196596Janeen Irving,
San Leandro, CA.

For the first 12 years of my life I was clueless to my own color (or lack thereof) growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area. For the next 20 years I tried to prove I was black. To no avail. Now I’ve come to the conclusion I’m an amazing product of the American experience. My family’s history is rich and deeply entrenched in this nation. I have seen the worst and best of everyone. But I am solid in just being an American. Neither black nor white. At some point being a human being should take precedent. And you shouldn’t have to pick a color.

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2 Responses to "I will never be black enough."
  1. barry irving says:

    …Evolution first…then Social / racial freedom…you look like you identify with being White. the Punk style, Goth, or Rebel style is not African…it’s European…not European American…European from Europe! San Francisco is a place where you can be different. That’s the culture there. I’m from NYC…you can be anything there too…but not as much as San Francisco. Being a Human is a reality…but being that as one race/…we are so, not there yet!

  2. barry irving says:

    …The idea of “Blackness” is a personal thing that should be kept personal. Black is a color caste term like White…it implies Racial Superiority or exclusiveness.

    …You are either of a culture or not…if not, then you are judged by those who are, who you want to be a part of. Society separates and you either learn or continue to be rejected. At some point, you need to lose this irrelevant measure.

    What exactly is “Black enough” if you ( as you seem ) are mainly of European heritage? You can rightly identify with being African American ( the proper term ) but you cant be punk, or Goth or Rebel too unless you are part of a like minded group…who the majority of Africans will see as different.

    “CHOICES”….Ever heard of Living Colour?..they are an African American metal Band who opened up for the Stones…they were always at home in the village, NY or places like San francisco…the lead singer is Gay too. Their audience is almost entirely European and American Whites!

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