I will not be a statistic

Kyle Glasper
Houghton, MA

Everything I feel I learn in sociology is telling me that as a black male, life has doomed me to the pits. A third of us have been incarcerated or will be and the half of the rest won’t ever go to college. It’s been this way for a while now and I feel like nothing is changing. Is it the system at fault or the people? This is a question I’ve toyed with for a while and in all honesty it’s a bit of both. By society being okay that this happens the mentality of many black males are that it’s okay for them to act in that fashion because society expects themselves. For those in tune with sociology it’s a major case of the looking glass self and I for one refuse to be a statistic. Being black should be anything but a hindrance. It should be empowering that you can rise above odds even if they perpetually seem against and saying ‘I did it.’


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