I will not steal your purse

10347789_10203199238606013_5401577066455167726_nHenderson Smith III,
St Louis, MO.

I told this lady in Cinn, Ohio after she grab her purse when she looked and saw me walking down the supermarket aisle. I explain to her that I was an Logistics Engineer at GE Aircraft Engines and a Captain in the Air National Guard.

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4 Responses to "I will not steal your purse"
  1. anonomous says:

    i think this is very sad. it means that blacks have a reputation of stealing purses. it teaches us that people only think negative of blacks.

    • Howard Bonds says:

      No, it means that whites have a fear that the stuff they stole will be taken away from them by the people they are so cruel to. Statistically speaking theft, and property crime are more likely to be committed by whites…

  2. vanessa smith says:

    really? because i am a white woman who has been robbed before and it was by a white man, yet somehow i am not startled by every white male who walks my way.

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