I wish I were more Hispanic.

Raysa Rivera,
Worcester, MA.

I have struggled with my inability to fit in within the Hispanic culture. I cannot speak the language without having trouble with grammar and sounding like a “white girl.” I’ve gotten mocked because of it all the time. My family has also decided to leave some of the cultural traditions back on the island and so there are more aspects of Hispanic culture that I don’t even know about and therefore cannot appreciate. I try to connect with it, but I get made fun of so heavily that it’s difficult to find the courage to want to learn more. Be it from Hispanics who look down on me for not speaking Spanish or from non-Hispanics who throw the generic “Mexican” name calling on me whenever they seek fit. I wish I could fit in more and love the culture that I come from. I want to be more like the others who can dance and cook and speak Spanish effortlessly.


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