As you wish to be treated.

Patrick Kenyon,
Hamilton, OH.

There is a black family living next to me. They would play the stereo loud at night and wake my kids up. They would bang on the walls, leave knives in the front yard, trash etc. After a short while I knocked on their door and asked them to stop banging on the walls and to stop the loud music. They continued in their ways. I called the police and had them come out and have them turn down the music. They hit my car with basket balls, say things behind my back like “racist cracka” or “racist bastard”. Part of this is fueled from me essentially ignoring them in public. This is not because of race creed or color. It is simply because if you are nice to me I will be nice to you. If you disrespect me I will try Ignoring you. If you still harass me I will deal with it as I see fit. I know they are trying to throw the race card. I just dont appreciate it.


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