With great privilege comes great responsibility.

Faith Hendricks,
Lexington, NC

I have been born into a lot of privilege. I am healthy, relatively good looking white female. While my family has gone through periods of struggle, we have always been secure financially. We have lived in safe neighborhoods, had good houses, and I’ve been able to attend private schools. I have never had to deal with discrimination, prejudice, or racism. I have always felt represented in media and taught the “white” side of things in history. I have a history of family that have never been oppressed. So I was hit with a huge amount of shock when the Black Lives Matter Protests started this summer. I had never experienced the pain that black people in America do. I educated myself and learned of the oppression and pain that black people have experienced in the past and experience today. I have been able to look at myself and realize that I was part of the problem. I am not racist, but I never understood or looked into the issues. I recognize that as a white person my voice is more likely to be heard or listened to. White people must be siding with those of color to speak up about issues no one will listen to. It is OUR responsibility to treat everyone as equals and embrace them with empathy and understanding.


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