Without a paddle and a boat

Joseph Ludwig,
Las Vegas, NV

Being a guy that has grown up in a “Community” of whites, blacks, Asians, Natives, Latinos and other subgroups in the city of Las Vegas; and not to mention growing up in a multi-racial household (Yes I have done the research and confirmed that I am mixed with almost every continent on this earth through records and family photos) I can’t help but feel as if I really don’t have a place in this society of heated racial tensions and groups constantly being at odds with one another. It’s hard trying to have a culture that makes you feel like your a part of it when your families culture has nothing set to begin with. With the lack of traditions, the feeling of identity, or any pride, life sort of tastes bland for me sometimes. I am too brown to be considered white, act too “white” to be accepted by blacks, “Don’t speak enough Spanish” to be accepted by Latinos fully. So far the Asian part of the house is pretty accepting of me for the most part, then the language barrier comes into play and I am left off to the side.


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