Won’t acknowledge privilege? Can’t fight racism.

Katie P.
Austin, TX

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2 Responses to "Won’t acknowledge privilege? Can’t fight racism."
  1. Everett Wilde says:

    Hmm. Well said Katie. Thanks. We all want to say, “I’m not racist.” Unfortunately that’s missing the point and denying the reality of white privilege. Like it or not, the fact of our society is that being white gives one privilege over people of color. Certainly, the ways it does grow more subtle compared to decades ago. Nonetheless, it does today and it will for the foreseeable future. Acknowledging and understanding these power dynamics, and just making a choice to be as anti-racist as you can be moment to moment is the best we can do. It doesn’t mean we have to wallow or be ashamed, but denying power or privilege misses the point. So to build on Katie’s card, saying “I’m not racist” means you can’t in fact fight racism.

  2. Everett Wilde says:

    Doh, forgot here too to say anyone interested, try reading white author and speaker Tim Wise, who has some cool eloquent things to say on all this.

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