Your words don’t change who I am

IMG_20140729_092745Blake Coffey,
Van Nuys, CA.

In a world where being mixed is supposed to be looked at as beautiful, it’s not as easy when you are. People automatically assume that all mixed people are supposed to look mixed just like they assume all Mexicans are brown. I’m born to a mixed black/white father who looks full black and society deems him so, and a white mother. I’ve looked for people that are the same thing or mixed but not looked at as mixed but I’ve always felt left out. I don’t look at people as a certain race but they sure look at me like I am. I’m judged and denied of who I am because genetics determined that I wouldn’t come out looking mixed. Although I’ve faced racism from every race.

Today is the day when I fully accept myself for who I am. I’m not denying myself or anyone else of who I truly am. I am not Mexican, I am not Middle Eastern, I am not Puerto Rican or whatever else I’ve told people. It’s time for me to not only come to terms with who I am but to come to terms with the world and how it is. To stop shielding myself and hiding behind fake back stories because of peoples judgments and words. It doesn’t matter if I had brown eyes, blue eyes, black kinky hair, blonde straight hair, a bump on my nose, big lips, high cheek bones, dark skin, light skin, because I am what I am and I can’t change it. People can make whatever assumptions they want or say whatever but that doesn’t change who I am ethnically.

I wanted to change who I am ethnically my entire life. But I can’t. It’s time to stop lying and just be honest. Whether or not I’m accepted by the black community or even the biracial and multiracial community, I am a multiracial person of African and European heritage. My dad looks full black and my mom looks white as snow, yet my sisters and I came out with light carmel skin tones, different hair types, colored eyes, and unique facial features that make us look completely different from anyone else in our family. Whether someone tries to portrait me as white or Mexican or something else that I’m not is not my problem. I can’t change it and your words or judgments isn’t going to change anything either. It’s not your place to determine who or what I am. I am a person of mixed race. That’s just what I am.


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