Worthy, Capable, Enough, Wise, Amazing, Tenacity

Chantelle Sanders.

Sometimes when I look around a room and see that I may be the only African American LGBQT+ woman in the room it can feel intimidating and lonely because it feels like no one else in the room may understand that experience. I remind myself that I am worthy to be in this space, that I am capable and well equipped to do the work and to perform well in the role that I am in, I am wise enough to understand how important it is for my children to see me continue to excel no matter the obstacle, and that I am simply amazing. It is so important to lift yourself up because you never know who is watching and words have power. It is important to be humble but also important to elevate yourself and speak about yourself in a way that is conducive to your goals you have set forth. I say to all those who feel like you are the ONLY in the room I see you and I understand, continue to push forward to break down barriers and to be a light to others who are watching in the distance.


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